First Tastings

First Tastings is coordinated by Sutter Park PTA on the first Thursday of each month. A variety of healthy produce items are offered for our students to try during their class snack time. This may be a new food for some of the students, and trying it with their peers is a lot more fun than the pressure of trying new foods at the dinner table!

Our goal is to encourage them to try new and healthy foods, and to hopefully make an impact on their future eating habits. We give them an “I tried it!” sticker, even if it is just a lick; hopefully your child has shared news of trying healthy foods with you.

Special thanks to Nightingale Get Well for generously sponsoring this program for the 2017-2018 school year. 

For questions about the First Tastings program, please reach out to

About Our Sponsor

Nightingale Get Well is a Columbus based company that can send a healthcare provider to your home to diagnose and treat: pink eye, ear aches, coughs, colds, and fevers.

Read their story or schedule a visit at

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  1. Maria Gardner says:

    This site is wonderful! Thank you for your dedication to Sutter Park!

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